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    07 February 2008


    Mike Kowieski

    Sad, but not surprising. It will be very interesting to see how the shift to online news works for the Cap Times. Online news is a different creature than a mid-size progressive daily newspaper, in my opinion. How many of their readers will follow them online? I hope it works out, and at the very least, some conservative State Journals readers will get their feathers ruffled now and then, so that's always good.

    George Hesselberg

    That was a thoughtful and informed commentary. We'll wait to see how this shakes down, but it is important for the community to keep access to a diversity of viewpoints that is not limited to how loud someone can yell. The cost of propping CT's circulation - I believe 17,000 is exceedingly generously estimated - was impossible to justify. There are other ripples to come, certainly, not the least in the weekly market entertainment advertising competition. Anyway, I thought your commentary was reasoned and well-written.

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    I agree with many of your points.

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