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    09 March 2008



    Hey, alright! Vampire Weekend is pretty darn good. But the backlash is already beginning...I was watching "The Real World" on MTV last week and their songs were literally all over the station. But not in music videos, like MTV used to play for about 6 months back in 1983 before they discovered reality TV. Instead, they'd play their songs over promos- like when they'd cut to commercial, but before the commercial began, they'd flash the Toyota logo and some cheesy announcer would say something like "The Real World - brought to you by Toyota." And in the background would be a Vampire Weekend song. But vastly more annoying were these MTV-sponsored bits during commercials where they'd have the band engaged in various hijinks (pushing one another in shopping carts IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! IN A PUBLIC PARK! Kids these days...), then flash up MTV's URL onscreen. Overexposure, damn you.

    Rich Nolan

    John at the Short List thinks VW is condescending at best, and possibly even racist because of their musical style and influences? I wonder if he would have made the same comment in the 80s regarding the Clash and the Police as those groups obviously had reggae music heavily influence their sound.

    Speaking of the 80s when I hear groups like VW, Bloc Party and Interpol I'm happy to hear that the music of my era has influenced the 20 somethings of today.

    And the next band everyone should check out is The Duke Spirit.

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