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    26 April 2008


    Todd Dvorak


    Nicely said. I never realized where Tom got his love of tools and projects. Now I know. Sorry for the loss this means for you and Tom. Thinking of you both, as well as Eileen and the rest of the Wright clan.


    Sonny Wishard

    Beautiful tribute Dave. Sonny

    Emily Hartnell

    To be honest to you and to myself, I have not let myself cry since he died. Thank you for letting my cry my bloody eyes out while reading this. Great writing. Your best pieces are the ones that involve yourself.

    Eileen Wright

    It has been a while since April 26, 2008 but I thank you for the beautifully written comment on Bruce the day he left us...I am crying all over again just because of the love each of you have (had) for him...he was loved by all and he loved all of you.
    I am late in responding because I just found this on my machine...I learn something new each I am going to try to send this...who knows where it will show up...ha! Love to all our great family

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