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    26 May 2008



    I'm also on Firefox on a Mac.

    My problems started with the difference in size in the paragraph breaks.
    Then I was looking through some old posts and found a link had been removed, (not by me I hasten to add). I put it back in again, pressed save and my post lost all its original formatting.
    Then I found one of my categories had been duplicated. TP acknowledged this was a bug and a few days later they said it was fixed - but not on my blog.
    The search function (which I use a lot) is gone for 'basic' and 'plus' subscribers.
    It times out on me a lot, losing whatever changes I've made.
    The list could go on and on.

    What baffles me is that they say this has been beta tested, yet after only a few day's use it is obvious it doesn't work. I'm left wondering who did test it.

    I've opened more help/feedback tickets in the past week than I think I've ever done in the whole of the five years I've been with TypePad.

    Here's hoping they fix it or revert back to the old system soon!

    Blake Rhodes

    Thanks for using IceRocket!

    Blake Rhodes


    Kirsty, I was one of the beta testers. I asked--no, demanded--to be removed after a couple of posts, which can no longer be opened--the requested URL cannot be found when you try to click on it. (And one had been linked to by several political blogs.)

    Lesson learned. If TypePad asks you to beta test, just say no.

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