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    « Governor Palin doesn't think people who murder doctors and bomb abortion clinics are terrorists. Just don't serve on education committees with old hippie bomb throwers, darn it all. | Main | Comparing different standards on a Sunday night »

    25 October 2008


    rob S

    "Seven years of college down the drain."

    -- Senator John Blutarski


    The term "Liberal Fascism" was first used by H.G.Wells, (a socialist) about 80 years ago. Here's a quick cut and paste from one article (or commentary) that illustrates the context of the meaning.

    "Among the many important shapers of America’s Progressive Fascism was H.G. Wells. Wells was one of the greatest overall influences on the West’s progressive mind. During a speech he delivered to the Young Liberals at Oxford in July 1932, he boldly encouraged them to become ‘liberal fascists’ and ‘enlightened Nazis.’ Wells also championed the idea that special men—scientists, liberal theologians, warriors, samurai—must forcefully impose progress on the masses in order to create a ‘New Republic.’ Wells’ notions were clearly a reinvention of the ancient pagan state espoused by Plato. In that view, the common man was the property of a divinized State, which itself was ruled by a godman, divine king, or some such totalitarian figure." (Gee, who could that be?)
    More to follow,but I'm tired. Since you're open to new opinion, I assume that means you're open to the possibilty that "Liberal Fascism" exists.
    BTW: You still didn't give me an example of the McCain campaigns "race-baiting."

    Dave Wilcox

    H. G. Wells. One of them Hollywood socialists. Meh.

    *BTW, blogging tip: links like this one are always appreciated:

    From the horses mouth, re: race baiting, by way of You Tube since it serves as a good analog for my point...

    It works, at least on minds like that of the Berr. Think back to his remarks about welfare mothers and "Mailbox Mary."

    The way that McCain and Palin work up their crowds with the untra-negative messaging incites stuff like on the video you are honked off about. That's race baiting. That's a campaign strategy. f it is unintentional, then the campaign is more dysfunctional than meets the eye.



    Yes, H.G. Wells was a socialist, Hollywood or not. Whether that’s good or bad is not the current topic.

    Also, I apologized for not including this link like I should have:

    Regarding your “Community Organizer” video. I’m not kidding when I ask, “Was that a Joke?” Seriously, insinuating that Sarah Palin hates blacks and Jesus because she poked fun at Obama's community organizing experience must be some kind of a Joke. Sort of like SNL’s fake McCain radio commercial of linking Obama with Charles Barkley because they both play basketball. It’s that over the top.

    But I’ll come back at you with this. Saul Alinsky is the father of Community Organizers and a radical socialist who dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Satan. Is Barack Obama a radical socialist who worships Satan?

    Seriously, you wrote: “The way that McCain and Palin work up their crowds with the untra-negative messaging incites stuff like on the video.” Again, which ultra-negative comments are you referring too that you consider “Hate” or “Race-Baiting.”
    If you think “Community Organizer” is “Race-Baiting” I can only say one thing. FAIL!!

    BTW: Mailbox Mary is white, although she is typically so dirty it’s hard to tell.


    you two bicker like an old married couple that drinks too much.


    You make a valid point. Dave, I see our future together, and it’s not lookin very pretty:

    Dave Wilcox

    Pretty funny. Glad I played it at top volume here in the library! Made the girl siting near me crack up.

    I must be Ernie because I drop a lot of F bombs. Plus, Ernie's a top.

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