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    24 October 2008




    This video, like the adopted method of the MSM, paints a one sided and distorted picture of what is occurring here. You never see the other crowd in this situation. I went though this same thing when McCain came to Cedarburg. You have a few thousand folks waiting patiently in line minding their own business then some nut jobs show up to taunt the crowd with offensive signs and shouting anti-Bush, anti-Republican epitaphs. Your initial gut instinct is to tell them to go fuck themselves or ask them if they’d like to fight. But most of us, with the help of McCain staffers reminding the crowd not to respond, just ignore them. Dig if you will, if Packer Fans were in line for a game against the Bears at Lambough and a bunch of Chicago fans began shouting “Packers Suck” to the waiting crowd. This might bring out some hostile responses. But Bears fans wouldn’t do that because they know it would be inappropriate and possibly even start a fight. Unfortunately, the group of radical leftist taunting this crowd doesn’t have the common courtesy of even Bears fans. I’m sure you’ll argue that the taunting leftist have a right to express their opinion to the waiting crowd, which we all agree on. But doesn’t the waiting crowd have a right to respond?

    Having said that, I will agree that there were indeed a couple of inappropriate and offensive remarks from the crowd. The young girl doing the "monkey" thing and her family are cretins obviously and one would prefer they stayed back at their shack that day. Also, I think some lady shouted something about Obama being a rag head, which is the universally accepted epitaph for “you’re different and you scare me.” But for the most part, it was just a heated exchange of peoples opinions. These folks think Obama is a Commie, a Socialist, and a Muslim. Just because you don’t agree that makes it “Hate?” I’m sure you think the taunting leftist nut jobs, who don’t show up it in the video, couldn’t possibly spew any hatred. They’re the “Peace and Love” folks just like Bill Ayers. Also, how is this race baiting? (And could you give me one example of McCains “Race Baiting Campaign?”) I guess just because Obama has associated with radical socialist his whole life, doesn’t mean he could possibly be sympathetic to them. Or just because he attended a Church that espoused anti-American, Afro-centric, and Socialist inspired Black Liberation Theology for twenty years, couldn’t possibly mean he agrees with all that hatred towards America. Or even though both his father and stepfather were Muslim and he registered for school in Indonesia as a Muslim, you’d have to be wearing a white hood over your head to think he was ever a Muslim. Besides, the Universally accepted practice of Islam that all children of Muslim fathers are born Muslim didn’t apply to Barry. And heaven forbid anyone ever mention his middle name. They ought a make a law against that!

    You think these folks are all a bunch of Morons and maybe they are. But don’t use your “Orwellian” labels of “Hate” and “Race Baiting” to try to silence dissent from Dear Leader. You might decide one day that you’ve been sliding down the slippery slope of Liberal Fascism.

    Dave Wilcox


    rob S

    McCain's whole strategy has been veiled race-baiting. Pretty obvious. Some people just choose not to see it.

    He did live up to his promise... to go negative since the economy was a losing gambit for he and Governor Sarah.

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