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    18 November 2008



    Nice try -- you actually are old.

    Bring him to WI for Thanksgiving and be sure to make your famous celery casserole. Please give him my regards.

    Phil Klafta

    Dave, we are getting old. We physically creak when we shouldn't and mentally crank when we shouldn't. But also remember that this is all happening at a university library where most 49'ers are hanging around. That's pretty cool and helps inhibit the aging process.
    The cell thing isn't about kids. They're a test given to us about our self (celf?) importance. We know that most kids are self important: that's what's great about being a kid. But give an adult a cell phone and they too must decide if their "impulse" is more important than the peace of others.
    You don't even consider intruding like this on others. Many, regardless of age, don't even consider it an issue.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Dave.


    I hope the young girl on the cell wasn't my niece Meridith, but if she's in the library, that might be a good thing. Can't wait 'til she has you!

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