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    27 January 2009



    For the record, my first cup of the day is full-on, caffeinated. It's decaf from then on, or sleep becomes iffy. (In college, I could down Dunkin' at 11 p.m., no prob.) But Starbucks has been brewing BAD decaf for the last six months or so in an earlier cost-cutting move. Their "mild," Pikes Place brew, in both caff and decaff versions: What's the point?

    After never having a good cup of Caribou for years, I now find their decaff decent. Maybe they responded to SBUX with a bolder brew.

    Intelligentsia and Pete's are superior to Starbucks, but the former has gone to made-to-order decaffs, brewed in $10K machines for individual orders, that take 4-5 minutes.

    In an economizing move: I got a single-cup brewer for home use, and it takes Starbucks and other cartridges. This way, I won't have to choose between coffee and food when I'm 90

    michelle meaders

    Linked article: "will stop continuously brewing decaffeinated coffee after noon"

    Your aticle: "That's how much they expect to save by only making continually fresh pots of decaf after noon."

    I think you meant to say ..."until noon"?

    Dave Wilcox

    Yep, Michelle, you are correct. Thanks for the comment. I've fixed the mistake.


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