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    09 May 2009



    Kansas City?! I guess I lucked out that Glenn Beck's nationwide comedy tour is coming to my neck of the woods. I can always use a good laugh and Glenn Beck is always good for providing it. OOH, maybe he'll cry!

    Impeach Nobama

    Glenn Beck is one of the best radio show hosts. "Glenn spares no one" is correct. He doesn't care who you are, if you are an a**hole like whoever wrote this, he is not afraid to tell it like it is. If you are taking away from what this country was supposed to be, he is going to call you on it. Unlike you, who target conservatives, he looks at not politcal orientation but beliefs. But of course, since I am going (p.s. i don't live in Kansas City), i must be a "angry, clueless, condescending, bigoted, misinformed, delusional, white asshat", right?

    Dave Wilcox

    You indeed got this part correct:

    But of course, since I am going (p.s. i don't live in Kansas City), i must be a "angry, clueless, condescending, bigoted, misinformed, delusional, white asshat", right?

    Well played.

    Mark Martin

    Glenn Beck is a great example of how a smart entertainer can appeal to the the under-informed and/or poorly educated. He's playing his audience for the fools that they are. His mindless bullshit is exactly what appeals to fearful, ignorant conservatives who are to stupid to realize they are siding against their own best interests.

    Impeach Nobama

    youre right mark martin. I am under informed and poorly educated. I only have a masters but i must be an idiot. Glenn Beck speaks the truth and it is people like you and whoever wrote this review that are ignorant, not of whats going on but of glenn beck. I'm sure you have only seen of him what is shown on the biased liberal media, correct. This is the problem with liberals. They can't see both sides of the story. They are always right and any one that disagrees must be stupid. Glenn Beck likes to entertain while he informs but I dare you to listen to his radio show or watch his tv show once, just once, and tell me when he says something that is not true, because he doesn't.

    Meghan Sinterland

    Glenn Beck speaks the truth? I guess "truth" is in the eye of the beholder.

    Funny how all the other Fox (and some other channels) hosts are moving more toward being like Beck in their demeanor, content and delivery. It's all about ratings. I wonder when the Hannity comedy tour will hit the road.

    Funny thing to me is that Beck is very much like Pro Wrestling. It's really entertainment, researched to give the audience a flavor it wants, and contains little flecks of realism but is mostly for show. Like all those "pundits", conservative or liberal, Fox or MSNBC, Beck is preaching to his choir. They will always believe what he says, just like Olbermann's, O'Reilly's, and Dobbs' audiences.

    Of course, what do I know? My masters degree is probably not as good as the guy who won't use his real name.

    Ron Bixby

    I can't for the life of me see the appeal in Glenn Beck. Even though I am a conservative and am no fan of the current president, I think Glenn Beck makes Republicans look like idiots. I don't get it. This man is a jackass.

    Separately, I have to roll my eyes at "Impeach Nobama." Aside from the juvenile nickname, this person has twice admitted (sarcastically I know) that, masters degree notwithstanding, he or she is ignorant and an "asshat" -- which he or she declined to spell out as if it is some horrible word! -- while steadfastly defending Beck's honor. So much for meaningful discourse. And we wonder why our party is stuck in the mud.

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