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    05 October 2009


    Phil Klafta

    I have been in an unpleasant situation for the past two years. I am liberal (see, not afraid to use the word) by goals, but I couldn't support the Democrats or Obama because I didn't see them as able to achieve these goals.
    Remember, Obama was specifically chosen by Democratic leadership because he had accomplished nothing in his political career. While in the Senate, he was told to do nothing lest he take a stand that someone could hold him accountable for.
    The Democrats are bound together only by funding from the DNC and they're desperate desire to stay in the White House. Obama does not yet have the skill to unite the Democrats and lead them to action. Maybe someday, but not today.
    So I've been very cynical since the morning after the election. How can I trust a Democratic party that had a plan for gaining office but not for governing? How can I trust Democratic voters who willingly gave themselves over to their emotions and didn't demand more substance.
    Nothing that is happening in October 2009 was not apparent in October 2008. The time for campaigning, blaming and sloganeering is long over. When will the Democrats step up and lead?

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