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    04 December 2009



    Wiseman. I work in Collierville, Tn. Not so far from your offices and know many people who reside in in this area. So, people of America know that we are all not so ignorant. This "mayor" is a complete fool and represents no one, but himself. Lets not kid ourselves, one day. two days, maybe three? He wont be mayor much longer or even hold that nice, cushy job at the bank. Well Mayor Dumb asshat...Happy New Years. President Obama, you still have my full support! United We Stand


    Are you just looking for a lawsuit on yourself? Get yourself a life! What little po-dunk town are your from? So tell me, what's wrong with speaking with your mind? He was just speaking what alot of others are thinking. I am live in Arlington, TN, and damn, proud of my Mayor, and his name is RUSSELL Wiseman. It's narrow-minded Liberals like you that are taking his status update on his own personal facebook page way out control. Be careful what you say and how you say it and how you throw some-one's name around out there. This is called "slander". You don't know anything about an innocent man that was just expressing his opinion when it just simply ask "what's on your mind".

    Marisa from Memphis

    LOL at the comment from the proud arlington resident. Proud of what? Being ignorant? First, the writer of the post didn't do anything but report on a newspaper article and advance an opinion... just like Mayor Rusty advanced an opinion. That would be the freedom of speech thing you seem to want to apply selectively by throwing around a word like slander. Clearly you don't know what it means. W@hat you were alluding to is actually libel. And there is nothing libelous about what's written above. Further, Mayor Rusty is a public figure and by acknowledging the Facebook posts were his, he confirmed it was his speech.

    Actually, if the Kerfuffle guy got you to respond the way you did, he essentially proved his point. I live in a small town and we have a diverse population and don't seem to let ourselves by ruled by religious bigots and narrow minded morons. Like your mayor. I'll watch my mail for the slander lawsuit I'll probably get now too.

    Not everyone from Tennessee is a bigot! (And I say this as a McCain voter BTW.)


    Mayor Rusty. Love it.

    We need to get rid of this guy and fast. I wish my accounts weren't at his bank, that's for sure.

    Jack Bernard

    Nice to see Mayor Wiseman's mommy weighed in upthread, tossing around cries of slander. The guy's an idiot, and is an embarrassment to his town and the bank he works at.

    Dave Wilcox

    This has been a great post for traffic on Kerfuffle. Nice to see that some comments too, including the one from a woman another commenter suggested was Rusty's mom. Funny.

    Good to know that most people know the difference between slander and libel, though apparently not one of you.

    Here's hoping Kent Davis, President and CEO of First Capital Bank, realizes what a jerk he has for a loan officer.


    If Wiseman stays, our accounts go. Not like we have a lot of $$ at 1st Capital but my husband and I feel we can't let a jerk like Wiseman embarrass our town without doing something. There are other banks. He's also an embarrassment to good decent Republicans like us who don't like Obama but still respect the office of president and have a sense of common decency. Mayor or not he does not represent most of the good people of Arlington, that's for sure. Just ask around.

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