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    02 December 2009



    My sister went to Duke for grad school. Back in 1991, when she was admitted to grad school, she informed me, a lifelong Kansas fan, that I should root for Duke in the tourney. As you might recall, Duke played Kansas for the title that year. I resented being expected to root against the team I'd always rooted for in favor of a school she hadn't even started at yet. She went so far as to call me a bad sister for not willingly switching my basketball allegiances just like that. Of course, any decent basketball fan knows all the good people hate Duke. My hatred of Duke has that special, added twist of sibling rivalry. (Nick Collison stepping on the chest of a Duke player on his way to the Final Four did a lot to help me get over my '91 bitterness.)

    So I revel in any Duke loss. But did I mention that I went Wisconsin for law school? So it's even better when my grad school beats hers.

    Go Badgers!

    Dave Wilcox

    My dad taught at UNC in Chapel Hill for a number of years, and that led me to be a Tar Heels fan (as my little alma mater, Drake was in a really long men's basketball slump during that time). As such, I was no fan of Duke, and that affinity for UNC and loathing of Duke remains with me today. I still reserve "hate" only for Notre Dame, which is why I am happy to see their football program fall apart. But I digress.

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