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    21 December 2009


    Tito Mambo


    Forty years later I could still sing these toons and not miss a word. I wish I could remember other things that might actually be of value. Not too long ago I found these for my kids. They couldn't even make it to the end.

    Dave, it wasn't just five channels. We were just happy watching anything as long as it was on a cathode ray tube.

    Happy holidays and have a nice winter break.


    Rich Nolan

    Garfield Goose, and especially Ray Rayner, were part of the morning routine for my brother and I in the 70s. In fact when Garfield Goose started and Ray Raynor ended we knew we were running late for school. Five channels in the 60s? Perhaps 2, 5, 7, 9 and 11? I guess by my time (the 70s) we had a few additional ones, 32 and 44. The Cubs were on 9 and the Sox on 44.

    Thanks for the memories and happy holidays.

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