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    20 July 2010


    Jane E.

    They've got nothing of substance to offer. That;s why all they can do is try to block progress and complain and play to people's fears. Pathetic.

    All they want to do is cater to big business and make the rich even richer. They don't give two shakes about the average American. Thing is, as Republican policies move toward destroying the middle class, businesses will have less people with disposable income to buy their goods. I suppose it doesn't matter if you are an oil company or a processed food company. But for hard goods, travel, electronics, entertainment... no money = no customers. For Republicans, it's all about "me" and "money." They don't care about most of America. They simply don't.

    Rob Burnett

    Republicans don't give a crap about poor people, about working class people, about black people, about Hispanic people. They claim to but their economic policies show them to be nothing more than shills for corporate America. Yeas, Democrats feed at the trough too, but GOPers are totally beholden to big business.

    What's worse is that the Republicans have, for years, played the Religious Right for all they are worth. Talk about suckers. Republicans only care about god and gays to the degree that it makes the religiously narrow-minded people vote for them... usually against their own interests.

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