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    29 August 2010


    Susan R.

    This event was calculated attempt by the Republican party to bring religious conservatives into the Tea Party. This is because the Tea Party is focused on largely libertarian issues and most religious conservatives know that libertarians are agnostics or atheists by definition. Beck and his minders are trying to sucker the religious conservatives into joining forces with this group. Because they certainly would not be able to convince libertarians to become religious -- religion is antithetical to their highest value --> objective reality.

    Mark Martin

    I'm guessing your cousin the redneck is also pretty much a bigot or maybe even a racists. Or, hopefully more accurate, he's just a complete moron.

    "Black Liberation theology" Really? Amazing what the utterance of three words in a string can say about a person. Nice Beckian spin there. Liberation theology, more often looked at as social justice theory, is not specific to one group. It addresses the relationship between oppressor and oppressee.

    They still aren't over losing slavery in the deep south, unfortunately. They definitely don't like a Black man in the presidency. Too 21st Century for them I guess.

    Alas, you can pick your friends, but not your family.

    Sabena Garmogn

    You know what drive me nuts? When you point out the cynical and calculating way the Repubs go about their fear-mongering and race-baiting targeted at low-info voters and, as you suggest, the not exceedingly bright among us, you frequently get a predictable pushback from the party faithful.

    "So everyone who disagrees with you is a moron, huh?"

    What is it with Republicans that they feel they must conflate "targeting the easily influenced, who may not always be well-informed or reasonably well educated, with fear" with "So everyone is stupid if they don't agree." Those are two totally different things. The first is a tried-and-true GOP strategy; the second is an odd kind of self-incrimination.

    And when they cannot or will not try to discern the difference between the two very different points and come up with a rebuttal, then you get labeled as arrogant or and intellectual. (Frankly, to be called an intellectual is a compliment, at least to me.)

    By the way, I agree: the Democrats are not geniuses. But at least, for the most part, they are for closer to genuine in their motivations. Republicans are really there to support the wealthy and powerful... the corporate elites if you will. They just tap into their base with their morality appeals and then ignore them once the election is over.

    a real american

    You libs make me want to puke. You want to let terrorists build a command post near ground zero, let the gays marry and ruin marriage for everyone, and turn the USA into a socialist nation. I for one don't want to be supporting a bunch of lazy black crack ho's. You'l say thats racist but it's a fact, especially with Hussein Obama and his thugs in the white house.

    You are all arrogant assholes who only want the USA to fail. Try Russia, or maybe Saudie Arabia. We don't need you here. We need more people like Rand Paul and Sara Palin. And you can only wish you had true patriots like Glenn Beck on your side.
    In Novemeber you can suck it.

    Dave Wilcox

    I'm rethinking my position based on the incredibly insightful comment that immediately precedes this one. I mean, come on, how can I argue against such a well-reasoned and eloquently stated opinion?

    Thank you, Mr. American, for weighing in.

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