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    12 August 2010


    Barbara Linton

    My husband and I have a combined HHI that is not near a million bucks, but is well into six figures. We work hard, I believe, and are very fortunate to enjoy the lifestyle we do.

    For people to say that we, as high-income people, deserve a huge tax break because we will use it to create jobs is a huge load of crap. Sure, we might spend it, but that's not the same as creating jobs. And, frankly, years of Republican and pseudo-Republican (Clinton) policy of Reagan's famed "trickle down economics" didn't really trickle down nearly far enough. It failed most Americans.

    Wealthy people need to realize that they are making their wealth in the greatest country in the world, and they have an obligation to pay more than those who haven't had nearly the success (or the inheritance). Giving to charities (for the write off) isn't good enough. Pretty soon, if the wealthy are not careful, there will not be enough people to buy whatever it is that they are selling, so to speak.

    Sorry for the rant. I'm just embarrassed that I spent so much time supporting Republicans. I feel like I've screwed over my grandchildren.

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