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    06 September 2010


    Wyatt Martin

    From the UK's Daily Mail:

    "Predictably, the slogan has been panned by critics. AdWeek noted it 'seems to position Drake as a school whose standards barely exceed total failure'."


    And you went to school there? For a degree in advertising? Hate to say it but I think the value of your degree just tanked. Maybe you can get a rebate.

    Dave Wilcox

    Hmmm. A rebate. Since the degree was granted back in 1981 (Drake's centennial year!) I'm not sure they'll be open to that idea.

    Actually, I know for a fact that Drake has an excellent J-school and advertising/PR program. It is truly a fine university, despite the admissions staff's misfire.

    Not every marketing campaign is a winner.

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