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    11 September 2012



    wow! Dave its an amazing story and it brings me back i was a freshman at SHS watching it on tv to another tv in another class room. how my head wondered what just happend to seeing a girl running and screaming down the hall because some how her father was involved some how. watching the screen wondering why us what did we do oh so badly to have this happen for the life of me i couldnt figure out why i had tears in my eyes and my heart in my throat. everyone was running to the store to stock up on food i lived near a gas station and the line was a mile long. we couldnt watch anything on tv that had to do with what was going on because of ryan being so mentally behind if he caught news of what happend he wouldnt sleep and possiblely "lose" it and end up in a hospital. so i would sneek to the basement to watch what was going on and what we were gonna do. i didnt go to school the next day because my heart was so broken for everyone who passed and those that were hurt. sadly a year earlyer my bestfriend inlisted in the Air Force and i knew in my gut if we did something hed have to go at 14 thats alot to handle. he was everything and my mom loved him like family so days passed and when we dropped the first bomb i was happy but in no way did i think we would still be at war. we caught who we wanted now time to leave them be.

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